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Business Owners have unique planning needs that differ from an individual ranging from tax mitigation and key employee retention to business transition and exit strategies. Having the right financial team member is essential to running a successful business and planning for retirement and your business’s legacy.

Tax Planning

The use of qualified plans and capital expenditures for your business is a start. Are you aware of everything you can do to lower your tax liability? We will work with you and your tax team to create a proactive tax mitigation strategy using multiple strategies.

Asset Protection

It is easy to focus on the growth or transition of your business, but have you protected it from an unforeseen emergency?  It is important to take measures to protect your assets and reduce your risks from lawsuits, creditors, and health events.

Key Employee Compensation and Retention

The departure of an owner, executive or key employee can cost your business revenue, clients and damage culture. In today’s world attracting, retaining, and rewarding your key people goes above and beyond a good salary. We can help you design and implement bonus structures that can be selective and promote retention.

Buy/Sell Planning

Your intent is to leave your business on your own terms but is your business protected from an unforeseen disruption? A review of your buy sell agreement helps us discover gaps in your plan and implement the proper strategy to protect from things like, death, disability, bankruptcy and divorce.

Business Succession Planning

What is your business worth? We can help you understand it’s value. Will the business pass to heirs? Do you have a group of key employees to buy the business or will it be sold to a third party? The earlier you set your vision for your transition and start to build a plan, the more likely you are to realize your vision.

Pre-Transition Planning

By working with your tax team, we can create a tax efficient transition to save you as much in taxes as possible. At this point it is important to revisit your buy sell agreement and make the necessary amendments to accommodate the new parties involved in the transition.

Post Transition Planning

Once the transaction is complete, we will have a plan in place to meet the cash flow requirements you have for your lifestyle and make sure your estate plan is still consistent with your wishes.